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Showan Engineering - Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs and Hydraulic Ram Repairs in Kent, Canterbury, UK

Since 1981, Showan Hydraulics has been at the forefront of hydraulic cylinder technology – manufacturing and repairing precision hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic rams for contractors, demolition plant, agricultural, marine, refuse collection and general industrial applications. Showan has maintained its premier position through a continuous programme of investment in expertise and technology, and an innovative approach to problem solving. We have identified inherent weaknesses in old hydraulic cylinders and created new sealing configurations that increase reliability and time between failures, thus reducing down-time. Our palindromic hydraulic cylinder for car transporters is a perfect example of our expertise and lateral thinking. Showan Hydraulics continues to focus on future innovations in hydraulic technologies and applying our unique, practical expertise to create optimum solutions for the world's leading organisations.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs and Hydraulic Ram Repairs

Hydraulic Cylinders

A substantial part of Showan Hydraulics’ business is the refurbishment and repair of hydraulic cylinders and rams. We have extensive experience from simple re-sealing to total cylinder re-builds where we replace only damaged parts such as the chromed rod, the tube, pistons and glands to produce an ‘as new’ cylinder. We will advise on repair options on a case-by-case basis.

We understand the economic pressure to keep down-time to an absolute minimum. Many of our customers, such as paper mills and ferry and port operators work a 24-hour schedule where machine repair and refurbishment is a matter of urgency. Repairing will save you money and Showan Hydraulics has the ability to respond with speed and flexibility, without sacrificing quality or long-term reliability.

At Showan, over 6,000 line items, from seals to major components such as chromed rods and honed tubes are always in stock and ready for instant use. This investment demonstrates our commitment to speed and efficiency, and assures a reliable and effective response to keep your business running.

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Showan Hydraulics is about quality, reliability and reponsiveness:

QUALITY Constant attention to standards in materials, systems and service

RELIABILITY Modern CNC machinery and CAD/CAM systems mean no margin for deviation

RESPONSIVENESS Eliminating down-time and working to customer schedules